What You Should Do to Write an Essay in One Go

Do you think you can write a perfect essay worth an A in one go? We have no doubts you actually can! But sometimes writing like that can be stressful. You’ll spend hours to ace this paper in any case. 

Of course, the time you spend on essay writing depends on which essay you have to write. If your assignment is not complex and requires the expression of your feelings, then you’ll nail it in one hour. Still, if your essay is about something specific, like a historical figure, you’ll have to spend extra energy. Given how the essay can be time-consuming, we’ll take a look at how to prepare for writing so you can finish it swiftly! 

1. Gather Backup Materials in Advance 

It won’t take you long but you won’t have to spend time on this right before the actual writing. Depending on which assignment you have to complete, prepare 1-4 sources with information on your topic. If you have an opportunity, highlight some points right after you acquire resource access. 

Remember that your essay shouldn’t consist only of quotations! You will have to give out your original interpretation. So, if any thoughts pop up when you read your backup material, write them down or type them instantly. And when you sit down to write your essay, you will have some ideas ready. Insert them and make essay writing much faster! 

2. Create a Plan for Your Essay 

You will have a thesis already. When you remind yourself about it, your mind will automatically create some thoughts on how to implement it. Spend 10-20 minutes writing what you need to say in the body text to elucidate your topic. Then think of what you want to say in the introduction. 

No need to write a super detailed plan which is an actual essay that needs refinement! Decide what you need in short sentences or even separate words. Writing with any kind of plan is easier than doing everything intuitively without any pivot points. 

3. Locate a Template You Can Focus On

We are fortunate to live in an era of information. The Internet is a great library where you can find any materials in a couple of clicks. So, why not search for exemplary texts with flawless formatting? 

Maybe, you will find extra sources you lacked to make your essay flawless! And who knows, maybe there are many papers on the same topic. Yet, don’t copy and paste anything. Plagiarism is bad not because you’ll get punished but because it’s stealing. Sure thing, you can integrate your own and others’ discourse to create something principally new. This is actually how ideas work. Yet, plagiarizing an essay isn’t the best choice, and you know it. 

4. Allow yourself to write something simple

Don’t make yourself suffer over an academic paper when you don’t have the energy for that. Write whatever you feel like you want to write and leave this essay for 15-20 minutes. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, regain your strength and work a bit more on refinement. If your essay isn’t worth an A still and you see it but you don’t have any means to change this situation… Well, let yourself get a B once. If you earn a C for that, remember that it’s not more important than your well-being. 

Yeah, sometimes it’s worth ignoring some things. Sometimes it’s better to get a mediocre mark but also get enough sleep. The world won’t cease its existence if you let one of your essays be simple. And your value as a person won’t become smaller if your essay isn’t great. 

5. Ask Professional Essay Writers for Help 

When your professor underestimates your essays, again and again, you might lose motivation for essay writing. Yet, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve good marks. You can still write essays but with the extra help of professionals. In this case, any academic paper you work on will be supreme. 

If you hire a writer, they will show you the whole process of composing the best essay. You can either learn from this professional or let them deal with your assignment alone. It does not matter to them, so you can do whatever makes you comfortable. 

Still, finding a good essay service isn’t an easy thing. To be sure a writing company is legit, check: 

  • Testimonials or comments about an essay writing service. Find as many as you can. If there is an opportunity, contact a person who recommended this essay writing service in the comment section. 
  • Its official documents. If you can’t find something like Terms of Use, don’t buy an essay! Every legit essay writing service should post its documents. If there are no official papers, then a website might be bait to take your money. 
  • How the support system works. Contact the support via chat and ask anything regarding the website you like. If they don’t answer in 5 minutes, you can close this website immediately. Every professional essay writing service has a huge base of employees who stick to strict rules. One of these rules is answering in the shortest terms. 
  • The pricing. Compare prices of different essay writing services to see if they all meet market standards. If the price is too low, don’t fall for that! Underpricing means a lack of professionalism or even potential fraud. 
  • If it has a Money-Back Guarantee document. If the company is legit, it will keep this information transparent. 

If everything from this list is alright, then you can safely buy an essay. Don’t worry, your essay writer will do it on time. They write a bigger number of essays per week than you have to write per semester. So, your assignment won’t be an issue. 

Before Parting Ways 

Writing an essay in one go isn’t an easy thing to do. To manage that you’ll have to prepare profoundly which is also time-consuming. Still, if you don’t make yourself work perfectly, you can write something worth a mediocre mark and be cool with it. There is nothing wrong with such an attitude! Moreover, no essay is more important than your mental state or significant things in your life. 

Make a short statement with your words. Using essay writing services as a viable alternative is always a possibility. However, be wary of anyone you choose to help you with your academic project. You’ll never have to worry about essays again if you can find the best writing service for you! Allow things to be as they are.