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6 Ways to Eliminate All Flaws in Your Essay

When it comes to academic essay writing, even the smallest mistakes can ruin your mark for a paper. Tiny flaws are easy to notice by professors who are too strict with students. As a result, mediocre grades stack up and impact the overall result. 

Still, essay writing can make your performance look better even if you’re yet to become a pro in this subject. Literacy and logic are of high importance in academic papers. And if you manage to remove the maximum of mistakes, then you’ll get the best mark. 

At least 6 methods can help you notice all inaccuracies. You can either use one of all methods or combine them for ultimate results. 

Method 1: Re-Read Your Paper Out Loud 

At some point, you’ll be editing your essay anyway. But when you go through the text for the 5th time, you will automatically skip some parts that seem good enough. And also, when you read it silently, you don’t notice some changes in tone. But when you read it out loud as an orator, inaccuracies become more noticeable. 

By reading it as if you are a Greek orator on Agora you will pay more attention to punctuation. Punctuation marks will decide your reading pace and tone too. Also, you will notice the connection between ideas better. Who knows, maybe the flow of thoughts in your essay cut off abruptly and changed to something too contrasting? You won’t know that until you read your essay as if you’re preparing for listening in the theater. 

Method 2: Print Your Essay Draft to Re-Read It (If You Written It with a Computer)

Typing an essay is more effortless than writing by hand. But reading a digital version isn’t convenient for some people. If you can’t see mistakes on the screen, try printing a copy of your essay and editing it with a pen. That will also be good for your eyes because the light from the screen strongly strains the optic nerves.

Method 3: Ask Your Close Ones to Read Your Essay 

Who but family members will be 100% honest if your essay has flaws? If there is an opportunity, ask one of your relatives to try reading what you’ve written. If there is no such possibility, then ask your friend or a roommate. What’s more important than just asking to read, ask them to be honest. When they finish reading, they should answer if they understand what your essay is about. 

Prepare for criticism in this case. As long as you’re not a professional essay writer, there must be some mistakes. And that’s alright! There is no other way to upgrade your skills if you don’t make any errors. 

Method 4: Use Narrowly-Focused Programs That Can Point Out Errors 

Gladly we live in a world in which working on a text isn’t a big problem. The Internet can offer you multiple means to correct whatever you have written. For instance, you can try out HemingwayApp. It will highlight wordy sentences and misuses of some constructions. Another great option (which is also free) is Grammarly. You can easily find other alternatives. By the way, some online programs that notice plagiarism have a function of noticing flaws too! But editing for anti-plagiarism programs is a secondary thing, so it won’t be so effective for your essay. 

But this method works only if you type an essay. If your professor asks you to bring a handwritten copy, then using a program might be inconvenient. 

Method 5: Delete Superfluous Sentences or Make Them Shorter 

Sometimes in the process of essay writing, you might go too deep in expressing your opinion. If some sentences are too long and wordy, try to shorten them or break them into smaller ones. Long constructions are most likely to be the ones with the most noticeable mistakes. Although, sometimes there is no other way to express what you need to express. So, re-read wordy sentences more attentively. 

Method 6: Use an Essay Writing Service 

If you are far from being a good essay writer, then finding a professional writer for hire might be your choice. By buying an essay you will also have more energy and time. Why? Well, you won’t have to write a tedious paper alone. Also, if you hire a writer, anticipate them to: 

  • write your essay fully, starting with the headline and finishing with a finely done bibliography; 
  • edit your essay with the help of professionals with a suitable degree; 
  • format it for you; 
  • give you a perfect exemplary material for future work on essays; 
  • proofread your essay; 
  • give you a paper with 0% of copied/stolen content; 
  • deliver your paper on time or earlier. 

Given that employees of essay writing services are mostly from the UK or the USA, they will write your paper with perfect eloquence. Also, hiring a writer means hiring a person who has years of experience in the subject you have to work with. 

Another great thing about this method is that you can learn a lot from essay writers. This is somewhat like paying for narrowly-focused writing lessons that give you practical skills. Essay writing services always work transparently, so you won’t have any problems with supervising your writers’ work. 

But if you don’t have any experience in using essay writing services, then you have to be careful with your choice. It’s advisable to pay attention to: 

  • how the writers stick to instructions by students; 
  • if there are guarantees (like money-back guarantee); 
  • if there are enough positive testimonials or comments;
  • how the writers go through tests to become a part of an essay writing service. you can usually find this information in a section like “who is your writer” or something like that; 
  • if there are official documents that show that an essay writing service is legit. 

You might have extra requirements but the listed ones are basic for every writing company. Essays written by professionals are most likely to earn you the best grades or at least good ones. Sometimes you might get a B for an essay by professional writers but that’s a rarity. And it’s not a C at least. 

Summing Up 

Errors in essay writing will always appear. And it’s better if you notice them before submitting your essay. So, try different methods of eliminating mistakes or try combining them! The most important thing here is to find what’s the easiest and the most efficient for you.