5 Ways to Reduce Prices for Essays If You Use an Essay Writing Service

Essays are tiring, even exhausting sometimes. No wonder that more than hundreds and thousands of students get rid of them by using trustworthy essay writing service. 

Given that all companies of this kind work for students, their main goal is to make the usage of their services easy to obtain. It works for everything, starting from the functionality of the website and finishing with cheapness. Still, occasional problems with finances may make even cheap essay help unaffordable. And this is the point where a student has to decide. 

In the first option, they have to deal with all the (over)due essays by themselves. This choice implies sleepless nights, dull and monotonous research work, and repetitive writing. Of course, this option won’t work for students who have something important to attend to and for whom essays are far from the top priority. 

The second option is reducing the price for every essay a student can get. There are at least 5 tested ways to do that. And we’ll take a look at them by pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of each method. 

Why Do Essay Writing Services Let the Price Go Lower? 

The answer is much simpler than it seems. And we’re not talking about axiomatic friendliness to students. Legit writing companies need promotion as every other independent enterprise. This is why they leave ways to make the price more affordable even if the service is famous for being cheap. They occasionally offer promo codes and discounts to those who have registered. If you are not a member, then it will be harder to get a promo code on time. For instance, if your friend shares it with you, it might not be actual anymore. Or it will be a personal gift from the company, so if you register, you won’t be able to use it. 

Ways to Make Essays Always Cheap

Method 1: register on the website of essay writing service you like 

It won’t be harder than creating a profile on any other website. But it gives you many opportunities to get promo or discount codes. With registering you can also follow the writing company’s account on social media. They post things like that on occasion on their social pages. 

The fors and againsts of this method: 

+ easy to complete; 

+ you get updates and notifications without mediators; 

+ saves time by cutting the searching problem; 

+ if you’re a member, you can get special offers that you won’t be able to find by yourself;

— notifications can be unnoticeable, so it’s better to check for them on your own sometimes. 

Method 2: scan the websites that specialize in providing discounts

You can google something like “essays discounts” and click on the first suggestion by the system. Such websites exist solely to provide things like that and rarely offer services. But by learning its content you can find many options of essay writing services. 

Yet, there is an issue. You have to be attentive to dates of expiry and other details. Moreover, imagine that you have already registered on one website and you like it a lot. It serves you well and you want to use this essay writing service without any alternatives. But there is no guarantee that you’ll find discounts for it in another resource. 

So, positives and negatives: 

+ many codes for different companies; 

+ updates every day; 

+ navigation lets you fish for different discounts, starting from 15% and finishing with 80%; 

— some discounts aren’t actual anymore; 

— you have to monitor such websites systematically. 

Method 3: Always Order from One Essay Writing Service

This method works only for those who have already found their best essay writing service. Most likely, such a site has an accumulative system. That means, the more you order, the cheaper some papers will be. Like, if you order a vast paper, the cost for every number of words reduces a bit. In the end, you can save up to 50$ for your paper. 

Positives and negatives: 

+ you can save a lot but get many papers still; 

+ good for you as a member because you’ll get special offers more often; 

+ you’ll get favorite writers who will never let you down; 

— works only for constant clients; 

— still requires you to buy essays in the first place for a standard price. 

Method 4: Use Editing Services More Often Than Writing from Scratch 

Any popular essay writing service provides supreme editing services as well. They will eliminate all the flaws and probably help you detect plagiarism to get rid of it. Sure thing, editing services cost less because your material skips some stages. And you don’t need an actual writer for that. 

Still, that all means that you will have to write an essay alone at first. Yet, this essay doesn’t have to be perfect. It can contain mistakes of all kinds and you don’t even have to re-read it. 

Gains and losses here: 

+ editing is always cheap; 

+ your essay will become perfect for less money; 

+ you don’t have any obligations to order essay writing from scratch; 

+ the specialists from the editing department will correct everything for you;

— you still have to write the text; 

— if there is too much plagiarism, the editors won’t be able to work with this paper; 

— discounts for editing are almost non-existent. 

Method 5: Talk About Your Situation When Contacting the Support 

The support of every essay writing service never ceases to work. You can text/email them anytime and get a response in a couple of seconds. If you have a dire situation but you need an essay, in any case, they might tell you about alternative ways to get a discount. 

Pros and cons of this option: 

+ the support is always online; 

+ given that such websites are student-friendly, they are most likely to give you a special discount for essays; 

+ they can help you find a promo code on your own; 

— not every essay writing service is so loyal; 

— you can’t use this method more than a couple of times. You’re not the only student who undergoes financial hardships. And writers can’t work for 3$. 

Extra: You Always Get a First-Use Discount 

If you want to buy an essay on occasion, you can try registering on different websites. They always give their clients a 5-15% discount if the client is new. So, if using an essay writing service isn’t your constant thing to do, you can use this discount in emergencies. But it never gets higher than 25%. 

In Conclusion 

There are many ways to get a discount when you’re using an essay writing service. Of course, there are also alternatives. But these methods have already gone through multiple tests and are effective in their way. 

Choose what’s best for you and get essays for cheap always!